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An overview on our proposals for the Sustainable Developm...

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:35 pm    Post subject: An overview on our proposals for the Sustainable Developm... Reply with quote

An overview on our proposals for the Sustainable Development agenda at the UN!

By Maurice Ali: International Association of Independent Journalists Inc.

This is a quick overview on our proposals for the Sustainable Developmant agenda at the United Nations taking place on September 25-27 (2015). As you will see it embraces the idea of the “multi-stakeholder approach” to policy making. While this is a much welcome addition to policy making at the United Nations, there remains one stakeholder that still is largely unrepresented and yet is the largest stakeholder of most policy making at the UN. That stakeholder is the general public. While NGOs exist as part of civil society at the UN, these entities are usually centered about a cause or idea it embraces. What we need is an organization that can fall within the United Nations Charter and offer access to the general public while opening up the interests of this entity to all issues and events that take place at the United Nations. We at IAIJ believe that we have found one such solution that comes closest to that ideal. What follows are the specifics of an NGO that could provide permanent, on-going, stakeholder participation at the United Nations for the general public.

In very broad strokes we wish to provide a platform for permanent, ongoing stakeholder participation of the general public at the UN and its activities. To do this within the UN’s charter can be daunting but one example is our own IAIJ. Here we have an NGO that fits into definitions of the term but can have as members anyone in the world, as citizen journalists can be anyone of any situation or means. Since it is a journalist organization, their breath of interests and activity would encompass all types of interests, opinions, and issues. Thus this type of NGO would have the necessary “agility” to come close to the ideal of general public participation at the UN. If such an NGO were to get consultative status we would then have on-going permanent stakeholder participation for the general public at the UN. This is one such way to do this and IAIJ could be looked at as a test mule to this end. There may be other ways to do this but this one is real and at the UN now.

On the pragmatic side, to get the job done would require these necessary items. First would be the use of SDKs (software development kits) in order to create applications like APK (Android application package), MSI (Microsoft Windows) and IPA (iOS). What we would have is applications for a United Nations app that could install on your cell phone, tablet/laptop or desktop that would connect you with the servers and websites of the NGO. The great thing these days is that, for example with Windows 10 the cell phone app would work with the desktop PC greatly simplifying things. The specifics of all the aspects are too involved to go into here but that is the general idea. We could have several servers around the world to create the necessary redundancy to have reliability and capacity for worldwide usage. Let’s take, for example, servers located at present IAIJ communication hubs like Canada, USA, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India, Japan and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China; and with the main hub at a neutral telecommunications hub like Estonia. You also have to market these things so in addition to all of the above we would need advertising input to have a successful launch of the application.

So what we will propose if we get an invite to the Solutions Summit in late September, is the type of NGO that comes closest to this ideal and the software and hardware needed to provide the basics for general public participation in an ongoing permanent way at the United Nations. The end result if such a venture were to become reality is some sort of participation by all stakeholders around the world and an alternative for some forms of violent protest or dissonance in societies because the public has no other form of “voice” to issues that they see as out of their control. The benefits of this system can work for the general public and member states alike; all we need is the will of all involved to make it happen!
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