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A Trip Into Space

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:27 pm    Post subject: A Trip Into Space Reply with quote

A Trip Into Space

By Steven Z. Filep (Canada)

I would like to give a caution out to everyone who is about to read this article. I am about to state some interesting life truths that has been kept secret from humanity for a very very, very long time. Some Humans who have figured out this secret have chosen to depart Mother Earth in the forum of suicide. I am not speaking for all suicides the vast majority of suicide is do to our twisted societal structuring. Not everyone can adjust to this toxic way of life we have been indoctrinated into since birth, with separation and individuality taught right from birth. Remember this is only my understandings my beliefs and my interpretations of life. My goal here is is to try and make you understand reality or what we perceive to be our reality.

One thing for everyone to realize is TIME, the concept of time does not exist. Time is the greatest illusion that has ever been constructed (the next is money). Time must be looked at as a tool for human existence and not as a universal law. It is only until man has separated these notions in his brain that the next level of innovations will come out to benefit mankind. The construction of these new ideas / inventions will threaten the ways of our archaic structured society that has been miss guided by power, corruption and greed, all forces of Dark.

Humanity is now coming into the Age of Light (or enlightenment) there are mass enlightening’s taking place on Mother Earth at this very moment! People are discovering their life passions, the purpose of their present life incarnation. It is the most glorious time to be alive on planet Earth. I have recently visited with the Ascended Masters and they have allowed me the capabilities to retain this information. I was lucky enough to cross paths with the spirits of Jesus and Buddha I feel like they are very close, may even be spiritual brothers. Actually what am I talking about they are spiritual brothers, spiritual brothers and sisters of every single soul on this planet! During my recent “trip Wink” I had taken a couple of days ago when I had visited with the Ascended Masters, I had come across the spirits of Jesus & Buddha (believe what you may). Jesus was content with not being incarnated at this time but I felt in my spirit that Buddha was the supremely excited one of those spirits who conveyed to me that I am extremely blessed to be on the planet at this time. I acknowledged and gave thanks to them as I give thanks every single morning I wake up in on this amazing beautiful planet. I also had a quick message from Edgar Cayce that I in my conscious state of being cannot recall at this moment. I had this message from him because Edgar Cayce is one of my life teachers. It is through his work that I have found and studied, that I was able to start to come to this state of being that I am. There is Eckhart Tolle as well. As I was starting out on my one day self-induced “trip” into the universe. I was advised by some unknown force to possibly write some of the information that I was going to be privy to down. But I like everyone one on planet earth knows them self the best (some may not have self-awareness at this moment but will at some point). I chose to just experience the ride and remember all what I was about to experience. I was in no state of being to grasp or even hold a pen!!! Only a 6”-6” rock sometimes clenched in the center of my chest so I would remember that I am from this dimension and Mother Nature is humanity’s number one true spiritual guardian. My amazing rock clenched in the center of my heart chakra would be able to bring me back to this dimension whenever I acceded my physical human states. When I had left my body for longer periods of time and had forgotten to intake oxygen, (because when we die we lose all our physical senses and are in higher dimensions as the form of light). Also the rock from Mother Earth would remind my being in other dimensions when I had to urinate, or drink water so my body would not start to take its own reserves of water. I felt like at some points I nearly came close to destroying my physical body with the knowledge that I was downloading in other dimensions or forgetting about the concept of time where one needs to have the subconscious abilities to remember to breathe. I had some bottles of oxygen at my disposal as well to help when I had left my physical body for longer periods of time where it was not taking in oxygen. Again, I am so blessed every day to be alive in this time and age where momentous prophecies are to take place!

I feel that there is only so much information humans are able to learn and understand without the use of outside inhibitors. Outside organic inhibitors that Mother Nature has allowed all beings on this beautiful planet to experience. It is only the corrupted powers that be that have chosen to label and make these organic life changing inhibitors Illegal so humanity does not have the access to this information. This is all slowly changing on our planet, and the Dark powers that have held onto the global collective consciousness of humanity are slowly slipping away from there “evil” grasp (there is no such thing as what we have been led to believe as “evil” only energy forces of Light & Dark). Remember Nikola Tesla stated if you want to understand the secrets of the universe one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Light is Energy. Light is also information. So people start soaking up those beautiful sun rays whenever you have the opportunity it will always try and start the healing process to rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit.

There are many other aspects that I can stray off and write about that include the use of TIME, the forces of Light and dark, the practices that people who have sold their souls to the Dark Side these Secret Societies that great men in the past were assassinated over trying to dismantle their powers . Extra-terrestrials many different universal beings and why this is the peak in UFO sightings on planet earth!

If you are interested there is another young soul who has found his life mission and has an extremely popular UFO YouTube channel called Secure Team. His YouTube channel is called SecureTeam10. Go check out his channel and videos! Make sure to comment under some of his videos that your gateway to his channel was through Lovin Stevens! As some have labelled me an earthly incarnation to that of a Spiritual Gatekeeper!

Back to the concept of Time.

Basically when you are having reoccurring thoughts on the past good and or bad. This does not serve our higher sense of being, because as I have re-iterated in my previous blog posts that we are constantly attracting to us the frequency of energy we are emitting. The frequency that our beings are vibrating on. So in retrospect to Time you have to think of time as a tool for us to use not a physical property of our 3rd dimension we are living in. The only thing that exists is dimensions, Infinite number of dimensions and we are constantly walking into whatever dimension we are choosing to pick at every moment we are living on Mother Earth. <3

I know now that this is my life mission to help those who need the information to make their ascension process easier in their life. To bring back our connections to our spirit selves. Remember we are mind, body and SPIRIT!
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